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How to Quickly Clean Upholstery in Less than 15 Minutes
« on: December 02, 2015, 08:49:40 PM »
How to Quickly Clean Upholstery in Less than 15 Minutes

Whether you want to prolong the life of an investment piece or give that hand-me-down from Grandma a boost, regular cleaning (once a season) can grab dirt before it becomes, well, part of the furniture. Here’s a quickie plan for freshening fabric* that’s so easy, you’ll nearly fall off your chair.

What You’ll Need

A vacuum, a few clean white cloths, a can of compressed air (like Dust-Off Duster; $8,, gentle clear dish soap (like Dawn Ultra Pure Essentials; $6.50,, a horsehair upholstery brush ($8.50,, and a small bucket.

For stains: Capture Soil Release Pre-Mist ($10, and Capture Carpet and Rug Dry Cleaner ($20,

*If a piece is a cherished heirloom or rather expensive, consult a professional before attempting to clean it yourself.
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How to Remove Stains From Coffee, Ink, Wine, and More

A quick response and the right approach to stains can save you stress later. Be prepared for these common culprits.

Coffee or Tea
In a spray bottle, combine 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup water. Spritz the stain, then blot with a damp cloth. Next, dab with diluted ammonia (1 tablespoon clear ammonia in 1 cup water). Blot with a clean, damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth.

For more cleaning techniques, see How to Clean Upholstery.

Sticky Stuff (Gum, Wax)
Apply a piece of ice until the gunk hardens, then gently scrape it off with a comb or a butter knife. Dab on some clear dish soap to dislodge any residue. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth.

Grease (Pizza, Salad Dressing)
Sprinkle cornmeal or talcum powder on the spot until absorbed. Brush off with a dry cloth.

White Wine
Dab with water and a little clear dish soap. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth.

Red Wine
Blot—don’t rub—with a clean, damp cloth, then use a fresh cloth to apply white wine (yep!); blot again. Still there? Sprinkle on baking soda, let sit for 20 minutes, and remove with yet another cloth.

Clear Alcohol (Vodka, Gin)
Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar with 2/3 cup rubbing alcohol. Using a dry cloth, dab onto the spill.

Dip a clean toothbrush in a capful of rubbing alcohol; shake off the excess and brush gently over the spot.

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