Carpet Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

American Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of services for your carpets. All of our technicians follow a 12 step process. You will see why we were voted #1 Carpet Cleaner 3 years in a row. Some of the services we offer are: Special Stain Removal, Neutralizing odors, Restorative Cleaning, Pet Urine Removal, Pad replacements, Sanitizing carpet to remove bacteria and dust mites, and Fiber Protection. Every service is 100% residue free.

Our 12-Step carpet cleaning process will provide you with the maximum carpet soil removal and maximum carpet spot removal. We start out with a commercial pre-vacuum to remove the dry soil from your carpet. We move your furniture, things like the sofas, tables and chairs. We also concentrate on spotting and will do everything possible to remove spots from your carpet. We have a speed drying process, so you can enjoy your clean carpet sooner. When finished, we always do a post inspection to make sure you are happy with the job.

1. Pre-Inspection
2. Pre-Vacuum
3. Pre-Spot
4. Pre-Spray
5. Pre-Groom
6. Move Furniture
7. Hot Water Extract
8. Carpet Protector
9. Final Groom
10. Foam blocks and plastic tabs
11. Aeration to aid the drying process
12. Final Inspection

As your local industry leader with decades of cleaning experience, we know that regular cleaning helps protect your investment. American Carpet Cleaning is committed to providing the best carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Canyon Country, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and many Los Angeles cities. Our professional deep cleaning services provide the necessary care and maintenance to extend your floors and furnishings life, luster and shine.

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American Carpet cleaning is well positioned to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service available for commercial carpet cleaning service or residential carpet cleaning service by endorsing the following:

» Consistent, quality carpet care experiences with guaranteed customer satisfaction
» Responsive and reputable carpet cleaning service available 24/7
» Best in class cleaning techniques and industry equipment
» Highly-trained certified cleaning technicians

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Our main focus is Customer Satisfaction! Because we know that every carpet cleaning situation is different, we begin each carpet cleaning appointment with a complete walkthrough of the carpet area to be cleaned. We will promptly analyze high traffic areas or stains to be removed so we may provide you with accurate carpet cleaning estimates, for your home or office.

Odor Treatment

American Carpet Cleaning uses the latest in science and technology for strong odors. The products we use are professional commercial grade deodorizers and high breed enzymes which are not available in stores. American Carpet Cleaning has an 11-Step odor treatment process:

1. Pre-Inspection
2. High-breed enzyme or Deodorizer the top and back of the carpet
3. Replace pad
4. Seal floor
5. Hot water extract the back of the carpet
6. High-breed enzyme or Deodorizer back of carpet
7. Re-install carpet according to CRI section 104 & 105
8. Hot water extract the top of the carpet at 230 degrees
9. High-breed enzyme and commercial grade deodorizer on top of carpet
10. Spray Prochem Urine Rescue
11. Final groom and walk through

Quickest Carpet Cleaning Dry Time

We use the industry's most advanced and powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment for deep-down suction to remove ground-in soil. We use the state-of-the-art Jetless Cleaning Technology, a hot-water extraction process (also known as the steam cleaning process) that cleans carpets better and leaves them six times drier. This amazing method uses equipment that reduce our carbon footprint. It is better than traditional steam cleaning because it uses far less water and chemicals.

Carpet Repairs

American Carpet Cleaning is IICRC certified in carpet repairs. We repair anything from cigarette burns, bleach spots, iron burns, fireplace burns, pulled rows in berber, pad replacement for stubborn stains, pad replacement for pet damage, pad replacement for flood damage, bonded inserts (patches) for any permanent stains.


American Carpet Cleaning is IICRC certified in re-installation adhering to industry standards including CRI sections 104 and 105.

Carpet Dying and Color Repair

American Carpet Cleaning is IICRC certified in color repairs. We can add the manufacture’s dyes back into bleach spots.